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i come from a long line of creative people. several generations of my family have been artistically inclined, most in more than one medium. my family members have enjoyed baking, calligaphry, canning, carpentry, carving, ceramics, cooking, counted cross-stitch, crochet, embroidery, furniture-refinishing, gardening, knitting, oil-painting, poetry, pottery, prose, quilting, sewing, stained-glass, tatting, water-color, wood-working and just about any other form of creative expression found in the usual american homeplace. and, i am pleased to say this talent for self-expression has been passed along to my daughters.
i have been involved in arts, crafts and home-making skills since i was a child. i love cooking, crochet, embroidery, sewing, writing and numerous other creative outlets, including my newest passion, web-design. for years i have pursued some of these hobbies not only for relaxation and gift-giving, but also as a way to earn a little extra money. but, we are now endeavoring to turn our hobbies into a real business endeavor. years ago my mother, pat, and i sold items we made together. now, my daughters, charly and amanda, have decided to join me in this enterprise.
the purpose of this site is to introduce you to favorites in our artistic forays. and, perhaps you will find something you like well enough to purchase. but, even if you have no interest in buying, please browse through the following pages and enjoy. you might find something to peak your interest or stir your creative juices. in each category (afghans, quilts, etc.), items for sale are shown under the shop links, while the gallery links show examples.
want to know why there are two siamese cats at the top of a crafter's webpage? check out my logo lore page. it will tell the tail ...uh... tale of two kitties.

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