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i nclude this page mainly to show some of my pretty creations off. i seldom do hats anymore except as gifts or for myself. however, feel free to use the contact info below if you'd like more info.
i design lady gambler, western lady and southern belle hats. each hat is a one-of-a-kind creations. my designs have been worn to church, weddings and teas parties for years. many have also hung on walls or hat racks as part of the decor. these hats are also wonderful for bridal attendants and i can match your wedding colors if you send samples. and, they are the supreme adornment for a member of the red hat society!
i also make gambler, western, and southern bridal hats. these are a bit more expensive due to the cost of the embellishments. if you send sample of lace and ribbons from gown, i do my best to find matches. if exact matches are unavailable, i find similar patterns and go for color matching. i can do them in white, cream, or other colors.
if you already have a hat, but it is unsatisfactory, contact me. i am sure it is salvageable. i can decorate a hat you own that is simply too plain and needs a bit of flash-n-dash added to it. i can also re-decorate a hat that needs to be spruced up with some new touches. you send the hat to me, tell me what you want, i do the work, and send it back.
i have been doing hats for more than 30 years. i can create a theme as simple or ornate as you desire. it can be modern or old-fashioned. i work with all kinds of embellishments, including (but not restricted to): flowers, buttons, ribbons, lace, and beads. i can even match a certain outfit if you send a picture of it and samples of cloth (if available).
i try to use one-size-fits-all hats as often as possible. but, occasionally that option is not available in a desired style or color. so, i offer a help page to assist you in finding your correct hat size. please visit this link and contact me if you have additional questions.
please get in touch with me by email ( ) or phone (512-353-1691) if you have questions or would like to commission a hat. i work at home, so I am available most days and evenings.

see examples by clicking on a choice below:

lady gambler ~ cream ~ sample

lady gambler ~ pink ~ sample

western bride ~ cream ~ sample

western lady ~ purple ~ sample

southern belle ~ blue ~ sample

lady gambler ~ moss ~ sample

rhs gambler ~ pink & gold ~ sample

price for a gambler, western or southern hat is $55, plus shipping. price for a bridal hat is $80, plus shipping. the price for decorating a hat you own is $30, plus shipping. price for refurbishing a hat you own is also $30, plus shipping. shipping is based upon your zip code. for ordering or payment information please contact us by e-mail.








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